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A Jamie tribute video

Hi, I'm new here though an old LJ blogger from way back. I'm posting this for a relative who is a bit reticent about posting on communities/forums. He's a Bonanza fan who is 17, adopted, and Jamie is his favorite character. Knowing that I'm also a Jamie fan (Mitch was a sophisticated older gentleman of fourteen when I was watching the show at the age of ten), he approached me to help him put together this music video. Although I helped Vic with the technical stuff, the scene choices and the music were all his doing. It's his vision of Jamie's journey from the very beginning to being a Cartwright. I hope the Jamie fans here enjoy it.

LJ is having DNS problems tonight it seems so here's the direct link:
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50th Anniversary of Bonanza

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Bonanza, a convention was held at Lake Tahoe, NV from September 10-14. The show originally aired on September 12, 1959. The convention was attended by approximately 300 fans from all over the world, numerous celebrity guests (including frequent guest star Gregory Walcott, stuntment Ray Mazy and Jay Jones, star Mitch Vogel, and family members of late stars--Chuck Greene, Cindy and Sean Landon, and Wendy Dotort Czarnecki to name a few), and Bonanza Ventures lawyer Andrew Klyde.

To check out information about the convention, see Many attendees have posted on popular forums such as and, to see pictures from the events and more information.

I was able to save my money all summer and did attend the convention. It was so fun--not only was it great to meet other fans and watch episodes together (finally, other people that share our passion!!), but we rode horses through the Tahoe mountains, we took a boat ride on Lake Tahoe, and even visited the Ponderosa Ranch on a special invitation. Did anyone else from the LJ community attend?

Also in honor of the 50th Anniversary, the first OFFICIAL DVDs of Bonanza have finally been released!! It's Season One, split into two volumes. I was so excited when I started watching my set--the episodes are uncut, crystal clear, and have excellent bonus features. It's such a different experience from watching the edited reruns on television. Now I hope that this release means more will be coming soon!

Cheers to Bonanza, Happy 50th!
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Bonanza Anniversary

I just learned that the 50th Anniversary is the twelve of this month.  Also the first season DVD will finally come out but it will be volume one.
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Bonanza DVDs to come?

I'm sure many of you are aware of the numerous fan and official "Bonanza" sites on the web, but I am only recently refinding many of them. I am loving all the great fanfics and screencaps as well as the newfound communities, including this one! Most importantly, though, I have been searching for information regarding DVD releases. I came across this news article posted on Bonanza Legacy and Ponderosa Scenery. Although it's not a new entry (dated April 18, 2006), it still contains some hope for future release of the series!

Check it out here on Bonanza Legacy.

And a current DVD question: has anyone seen the new box set (6 DVDs, titled "The Bonanza Collection") that was released April 14, 2009? It's listed online in several places, but I checked at Best Buy and it was already backordered and not in the stores. I was just wondering if it was another set of the same 31 public domain episodes that are out there or if they might happen to be different. Thanks!
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